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King’s Robotic Drummer Performs at the 2014 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

December 31, 2014 Leave a comment

A robotic drummer built by the King’s Robotics Society performed as part of a robot orchestra at the 2014 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

The robot orchestra at this year’s Christmas Lectures demonstrates that robots come in all shapes and sizes. The Department of Informatics was asked to build a robot drummer that could play music by itself. With the help of the department, the newly founded King’s Robotics Society took this project and built a robotic drum kit, called “The Drum Bot”, that can play drum tracks encoded as MIDI files. The Drum Bot and the robot orchestra can be seen in action in the following video:

The 2014 Christmas Lectures, entitled ‘Sparks will fly: How to hack your home‘ will be broadcast on BBC Four on the evening of December the 29th, 30th and 31st; and will subsequently be available on iPlayer. To see how the Drum Bot was built, visit Robotics Society web page at

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